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Why buy from us?

Best CS:GO Accounts is a premier site for all your CS GO needs. One stop solution for prime and non-prime accounts. We provide the cheapest and most reliable csgo accounts compared to anywhere on the internet. This site is run by people who have boosted their way up the ladder. Yes, you read it right. We started out as boosters and now we boost and trade premier CS GO accounts. So, we have utmost control over the quality of our accounts. We’ve been in this industry for more than 4 years now and we exactly understand what users want. And we handcraft it.

No machines. No bots. So that your accounts are more reliable. Need we say more?!

Price and Quality Guarantee:

Our value chain starts from scratch. We boost accounts in-house, and each account goes through a strict quality test before it reaches you. Before we get the account to you, we make it absolutely certain it is worth your time. And we price match! If you find it cheaper anywhere else, our 24X7 customer care is always happy to match it for you. Not that you’ll ever need it. Trust us.

No bait here. No wall-bang here. Only full bang for your buck! Promise.

Dispute resolve:

We have 24X7 customer care chat always available in case you need any help regarding your account. Most of our customers have resolved their queries in less than 2 minutes on our platform. This is the only service we have outsourced, and those guys fucking do a good job. We hope they don’t disappoint you (and us). Also, in case you have anything sweet to tell us, please drop us a mail. We’ll be really glad.  

Why buy Prime accounts from us?

You know why you buy csgo account from us, if you’ve bought it once? Don’t you? Skip what follows. Kaufen and get gaming. Kick some ass and smoke em out! If you’re buying for the first time, then read along.

All our private accounts are handcrafted with love and toil. Our boosters slog day and night to get you the account you so desire. We provide csgo prime accounts i.e Private Rank 21. All this to make sure you have a great hacker / cheats free gaming experience! So no VAC / Over Watch (OW) from our side. In case you are new to CS:GO gaming, Prime accounts have less hackers as compared to non-prime accounts. The gaming experience you get for the additional price is best and worth every buck.

What are Non Prime Accounts? Should I go for them instead of Prime accounts?

If you are a budget friendly buyer, or hasn’t yet made up our mind to buy the Prime account, don’t worry, we have you covered. We have tons of Non prime accounts to get you started with.

For the absolute beginner, Non Prime accounts are cheaper than Prime accounts. They come with a rank, but there are more hackers while playing with Non Prime accounts. So the gaming experience is somewhat compromised if you’re, say looking for no-nonsense experience. Otherwise, they are very good for starting with and getting to learn the game, while saving a few bucks as well.

Eco huh?